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Top Reasons Why Off-Road Vacations Are Amazing


There are amazing dirt bike tours all across the USA and beyond.  Get out there and experience the one that is just right for you. 

We have all gone on vacation and seen the tourist-type ATV rides that only last a few hours. They can be appealing when you have a free day off the cruise ship, but there is a reason you rarely see dirt bike tours or motocross rentals in vacation hotspots around the world. That is because off-road motorcycles, dual-sport and adventure bikes require a higher level of skill to operate. The tours that do offer dirt bikes, however,  usually last at least a full day and are typically designed for your more experienced motorcycle riders


A lot of people wonder what is involved in taking a dirt bike tour so the editors of Off-Road Travel TV made this list:

1.     Most dirt bike tours offer bike rentals. This means you can travel around the world and not have to worry about shipping your motorcycle.

2.     Most off-road motorcycle tours have local guides. These guided dirt bike tours are typically better because the crew know the best spots.

3.     A lot of guided dirt bike tour companies will customize routes and will cater to various skill levels. This means you don’t have to be intimidated about riding in conditions that you may not be able to handle.

4.     Motocross vacations, dirt bike tours, enduro tours, etc. typically feature a high-level of support, including meals, gas, spare parts, and more.

5.     Another amazing reason is that you can do a tour while on vacation and don’t have to work on your bike. Once you are done, you are done, literally.

6.     A most cases, the guides are really experienced off-road motorcycle riders and can help teach you some new skills if you so desire. This can be a huge plus.

7.     In most cases, off-road riders can go on dirt bike tour during a vacation with their family. For example, if you travel to New Zealand, you can ride with Adventures 101 for a few days and stay with your family at the same hotel or resort with them

8.     Some tours like those run in Baja feature point-to-point rides, meaning you start in one place like Ensenada and end up at an entirely different destination like Cabo San Lucas. Tour companies typically handle all of the planning and logistics, meaning that you can basically just show up and focus on riding, and leave all the heavy lifting to the dirt bike tour company.

9.     Some tour companies allow you to bring your own motorcycle, especially a lot of those in the United States.

10.  Most tour companies are also better equipped to handle medical emergencies in case someone has some type of issue needed special attention.

11.  Some tour companies like Jeff Stanton Adventures offer special one and two-day training courses for novice riders. With their rental bike fleet, riders don’t necessarily have to own a motorcycle to experience a dirt bike tour.


Here are some additional tips when planning a dirt bike activity.

1.     Book in advance so you don’t fly to a destination only to find out that there is no space.

2.     Consider taking your own riding gear as you may be more comfortable in gear you are used to.

3.     Take an action camera like a GoPro or DJI. Don't miss the chance to capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories.

4.     Carry your cell phone  and don't forget to bring a spare battery or portable charger for your cell phone.

5.     Pack snacks like PowerBars, Cliff Bars, trail mix or other sources of quick energy.

6.     Take a portable hydration system likes ones made by USWE and CamelBack

7.      If you are using rental gear from a tour company, we always recommend taking your own goggles such as Oakley, Smith, Scott, EKS or something else with brand new lenses. This makes sure you don’t get stuck with scratched goggles which can really dampen the whole experience.

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