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World-Class Riding In An Exotic Locale


Bali Wilderness Dirt Bike started as a community base adventure tours and small organic farming cooperative with home base in Alas Ukir Pupuan, a traditional small village on the slope of the green Batukaru mountains range.  Locally owned and operated since 2010 when they started introducing and sharing their dirt bike riding passion with the general public. That decision was the beginning of a very successful and popular dirt bike tour operation.  Dirt bike enduro adventure tours and trail bike riding are their passion and in the 13 years since launching they have thrilled dozens of riders on an amazing adventure riding through the exotic jungles and beaches of Bali and beyond.  

With so many cultures, traditions, flora-fauna and geographic wonders, Indonesia is like 300 miniature countries merged into one. And it is this diversity that makes Bali and Indonesia one of the best motorcycle riding destination in the world for an extraordinary motorcycle adventure.  And the fascination does not end there. Indonesia has an intricate coastline of over 80,000 kilometres, the fourth largest in the world with countless stretches of beautiful white or black sandy beaches you can explore from the saddle of your motorcycle.  The stunning beauty of nature, the hospitality and smiling faces of rural villagers, the perfect mixture of terrain and trails and professional friendly guides with a focused attention to details will ensure that you have a memorable motorcycle adventure holiday.

Bali Wilderness offers a number of tour options from dirt bike enduro adventures encompassing the whole of Bali to an incredible adventure journey on motorcycle to other islands of Indonesia like the the exotic next door Lombok island or the undisclosed parts of East Java, Sumbawa, Flores or Sumba island. The staff and guides have been working very hard on scouting and establishing amazing riding routes to get the best out of Bali and beyond and provide guests with and unrivaled dirt bike tour experience.

The list of tours offered is impressive with everything from one day Bali dirt bike tours to a  5 - 7 day Bali to Lombok enduro plus custom Labuan Bajo Flores enduro adventures, custom Sumba island dirt bike adventures, Bali Bromo enduro adventure rally or you can pick your destination and they will  arrange at custom tour just for you in accordance to your requirements, schedule and budget.

Dubbed as a country with the most volcanoes in the world, Bali is home to 129 volcanic mountains and 20 of them are active! These volcanoes are part of the infamous Pacific Ring of Fire and some of the most famous ones are the highlights of our epic journey.  Places like Mt. Batur and Mt.Agung of Bali, Ijen - Raung - Semeru - Bromo of East Java, Mt.Rinjani of Lombok, Mt.Tambora in Sumbawa and more. Three of the world's biggest and most devastating volcanic eruptions were in Indonesia, namely Rinjani / Samara in 1257, Tambora in 1815 and Krakatoa in 1883.

Riding is obviously the focus of these tours but since Indonesia arguably harbors more under water species than any other nation the staff made sure to leave time for some amazing breaks in the action on certain tours. Some of world's best diving and snorkeling are part of the  journey on the tours to Amed, Lombok and Labuan Bajo in Flores.

Bali Wilderness Dirt Bike offers a number of standard tours and can build custom tours on request.

Bali Wilderness Dirt Bike Tours

- One day Bali dirt bike tour

- 5 - 7 days Bali to Lombok enduro

- Custom Labuan Bajo Flores enduro adventures

- Custom Sumba island dirt bike adventures

- Bali Bromo enduro adventure rally

If you are looking for a serious dirt bike adventure in an exotic local look no further than Bali Wilderness Dirt Bike Tour.  Head over to and start planning the ultimate motorcycle bucket list trip.

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