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Best Headphones, Best Tablets and Much More

Boise, ID.  By Ken Faught.  Traveling is so much more enjoyable with the right accessories. Vanessa Doleshal and I are constantly on the search for the best travel electronics, and things are constantly changing. For me, my must-haves include a laptop, headphones, a phone, and camera. But we are going to ignore cell phones for this story, because there is so much written about them all over the internet. We’ve also included some specialty items like foot warmers. These are incredible during the winter, and a perfect example of just how much technology has evolved.

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One of the most-popular categories is headphones when it comes to must-have travel electronics. Bose headphones and Apple EarPods are among the most-popular.

Bose Headphones

Bose has set the standard in noise-cancelling headphones for several years. The over- the-ear style features world-class sound in a comfortable package. A close second for us are Apple’s Earpods, or Airpods but they don’t offer the same sound quality.

Ipad Tablet

The electronic world changed with the advent of the iPad. Apple hit it out of the park with this incredible device, and it now comes in a variety of sizes with lots of different options. The power comes from the many apps sold through Apples App Store. They have everything from Uber to Tinder from Google Chrome to Instagram.

MacBook Pro

I have been using Apple laptops for the last 15 years and absolutely love my MacBook Pro. They are nearly bulletproof and take a lot of abuse. They are extremely reliable, and ideal for my travel blogging and professional photography.

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GoPro Action Sports Camera

Photography changed when GoPro introduced the Hero line of high-performance cameras to the action sports world. People got to see and experience photos and video like never before.



DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone


Over the last few years, drones have gotten a lot smaller, more powerful, and have longer battery life. My personal favorite drone for travel is DJI’s Mavic Pro 3. It’s the best compromise between performance, size and battery life that I have found to date.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music is a huge part of my life and I always love to travel with sound. I use a JBL portable Bluetooth speaker, but there are lots of other great brands on the market like Bose, Sony, Panasonic and Marshall.

Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Cold weather is a lot easier to handle with these electronic foot warmers. They are designed for men and women and use a remote control to adjust the battery-powered shoe insoles. They are absolutely great. This is the ThermaCell and they are one of the best, if not the best, on the market today.

Portable Power

Chargers are one of the most-popular travel electronics because of their must-have versus need-to-have requirements. There are a lot of companies on the market, but Anker, Mophie and iWalk are the most-popular according to Amazon.

Portable Memory

As a professional photography and video maker, I require a lot of memory, and am a big fan of redundancy. I store things on the cloud, but I also store my creative work on external hard drives like my Lacie 5TB drive. This also assures that I won’t run out of storage space if I cannot effectively connect to the Cloud.


I have used hands-free headlamps for years, the simple type that straps to your head and puts out a few hundred lumens. This one from Gear Light is one of the most-popular head lamps on the market.


*What is the best travel backpack?


OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 45L – Travel Carry-On Backpack with waterproof cover.

*What are the best travel essentials?


Quality suitcase, grooming kit, cell phone, comfortable shoes, weather appropriate jacket, travel credit card, cash, and hand sanitizer

*Where is the best place to buy travel accessories?


Amazon is a one-stop shop.

*How do you make traveling easier?


Focus on planning, and know everything about your trip including all logistics, and make a detailed packing list so you don’t forget anything.

*How do I choose a travel backpack?


Ideally, it’s made of water-resistant material with lockable zippers and has multiple compartments. The answer will vary depending on your particular use.

*What size backpack do I need for a 10-day trip?


Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack 55L /65L / 85L + 20L for men and women.

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