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You don't have to own your own ATV to have fun. There are lots of companies around the U.S. that rent quality four wheelers

All Terrain Vehicles or ATV's are some of the most versatile and capable off-road vehicles made.  They can be used to perform a wide variety of chores around the ranch or the backyard or for the purposes of our discussion they make a great vehicle for off-road recreation. Everywhere you look you can see these vehicles in action from coast-to-coast and the recreational use of ATV's in the USA has never been more popular.

The good news is if you are interested in seeing what all the excitement is about you don't have to go out and buy an ATV to see if this is a sport for you, you can try one out for an hour or a day and see what you think. 

There are lots of companies in the United States that rent ATV's of all shapes and sizes, suitable for beginners to advanced level riders. These companies own and maintain fleets of ATV's from top manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Can Am, Kawasaki and Suzuki and they maintain them in good operating condition so your ride will be trouble free and enjoyable. 

Most of the rental and tour companies also have a selection of safety gear like helmets, boots and goggles that you can rent or borrow so you don't need to bring your own.  Of course if you are an experienced rider with your own gear it may be more comfortable to use your own kit as long as transporting it is not a problem. 

Locations range from Alaska to Florida and opportunities range from hourly or daily rentals to full on multi-day guided or self-guided adventure tours to remote locations in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona and more.  There are even ATV rental and tour operations on several of the islands in Hawaii!

Navigating through the wide range of rental and tour choices to choose from can become a daunting task. Whether you are looking to go for a quick day on the trails in your local area or a weeklong adventure to the Mojave Desert or the Rocky Mountains it takes some serious seat time to research and find all the tours and rental operations in an area you are thinking about visiting.   

That is why MX & Off-Road Tours tasked our staff with saving you countless hours of research by assembling an exhaustive list of all the ATV rental operations and ATV tour operators across the country to make it easy for you plan your first or your next ATV adventure.  

Check out the list below to find the ATV rental and tour options in each state. If you are a rental or tour company and do not see your company listed, please email and we will add you.

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