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Snacks have been a part of our everyday life since we were little kids. Whether it was  simple bag of nuts, potato chips, of something more exotic like beef jerky, we’ve
always wanted to have a little somethin’ somethin’ in between meals. There are now several hundred different types of energy bars, and that raises the question – which are the healthiest to eat. Some are loaded with sugar for quick energy, while others are all natural. What follows are our top 10 favorites.


Top 10 Healthiest Energy Bars

Sakara bar

Kind Nut bar
Clif bar
Nature Valley bar

Luna bar
Quaker chewy granola bar

Go Raw Raisin crunch bar
Health Warrior


*Do energy bars really work?


Yes, when used in moderation and at the appropriate


*When should you eat an energy bar?


Most believe you should eat an energy bar one
hour before physical activity if you are hungry.


*What is the most-healthy energy bar?


That’s a difficult question as all of the bars on
this list appear to be loaded with healthy ingredients, and mostly made of natural ingredients.


*What makes a good energy bar?


Whole grains, mixed with nuts, honey, peanut butter
or fruit, that is low in sugar.

MX & Off-Road Tours | Top 10 Energy Bars

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