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Those burning questions everybody wants answers to

There is a lot involved in off-road motorcycles and dirt bikes, and a world full of question for newer riders. We created this list of frequently asked dirt bike questions to help you get a better understanding of this unique sport. We believe you will find it extremely useful.


Can you tour on a dirt bike?


Yes. Touring on a dirt bike is possible and in fact most of the people who ride around the world choose some form of dirt bike due to the poor road conditions in many countries across Africa, South America and Asia.  In recent years the advent of larger displacement Adventure motorcycles from manufacturers like BMW, KTM, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, Husqvarna, Ducati Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi have fueled growth in this segment of the motorcycle market and have made motorcycle touring on a dirt bike even more popular.


What are the best states to ride a dirt bike?


This is a matter of opinion and everybody has one.  All it really takes to have fun on a dirt bike is land, it can be a field, a forest or a desert, it can be mountains or prairie so arguably every state has great riding opportunities if you look for them.  Some of the most popular states for riding dirt bikes are popular for the same reasons they are favorites of hikers, equestrians and off-road enthusiasts.  States like Coiorado, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have amazing scenery and offer exceptional riding opportunities in the Rocky Mountains and smaller ranges in the surrounding areas.  For desert riding states like California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas have thousands and thousands of miles of desert roads and trails to explore. Utah is very popular due to the unique Paiute Trail and a spectacular landscape is the southern part of the state not found anywhere else in the USA. Riding in the Eastern US is different with less open space and generally of a mixture of forests and fields.  States that surround the Appalachian Mountains, running from Georgia to Maine, offer riding opportunities that will challenge every rider with trees, rocks and mud and mountains.  Great riding is everywhere, from southern states like Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia , home of the famous Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Area, to the mid-Atlantic states like Virginia, Maryland and Delaware and all the way up through Pennsylvania, New York into New England and Maine.  And we almost forgot the midwestern states like Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa, Every one of these United States have great riding if you know where to look. In the western states much of the public land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management while back east more public land is managed by the US Forest Service.  You can check with the local offices of these agencies to find riding opportunities in your area. Another great way to find riding opportunities is to join a local riding club.  They will have organized rides where you can meet and ride with other club members and they will know all of the local trails and riding ares.. To find a club near you go the where the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council has assembled a exhaustive list of local clubs and contacts across the country.

What is a road-legal dirt bike called?


Road legal dirt bikes generally fall into two categories, Dual Sport bikes and Adventure bikes. Dual Sport bikes are smaller and usually have displacement less than 500cc.  Adventure bikes are larger and heavier with displacements from 700-1300cc’s. 

What is dual sport riding?


Dual sport riding involves riding on a combination of paved road and trails.  Generally the paved roads are used to connect trails systems or to transport from one trailhead to another.  Dual sport bikes are well suited to riding in a variety of off-road terrain as well as on the road.  They are basically a dirt bike with different gearing, a headlight, tail light and blinkers to make them legal on the street.


What is enduro vs. dual sport?


Dual sport is the common term for referring to street legal dirt bikes these days.  In the 60s and 70s these bikes were called ‘enduro’ models.  The name was derived from a form of motorcycle competition that involves racing through woods and trails and involves precise navigation and timekeeping skills.

Is dual sport a good beginner bike?


Dual sport bikes can be great beginner bikes but be sure to take into account your experience, age and physical size when picking a machine. Displacements range from 200-500cc’s and there are plenty of good used machines out there if you are on a budget. Sites like lists new and used motorcycles for sale nationwide. To find more local listings try Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.


Is dual sport the same as enduro?


They are basically the same thing.  Dual sport is the common term for referring to street legal dirt bikes these days.  In the 60s and 70s these bikes were called ‘enduro’ models.  The name was derived from a form of motorcycle competition that involves racing through woods and trails and involves precise navigation and timekeeping skills.


Are dual sports good for trail riding?


Dual sport bikes are perfect for trail riding, in fact that is what they are designed for.  They are made street legal so that they can be ridden between trails or from home to the trails.  This makes it much easier to jump on a go for a ride with no need for loading and unloading a truck or trailer. 


What is the best age to start riding a dirt bike?


Children as young as 3-4 years old can learn to ride a motorcycle.  In fact American Motorcyclist Association competition classes for motocross begin a 4 years old.  Yamaha has been making the PW-50 model since 1980, specifically designed for beginning riders 3-5 years old. Many parent these days start kids out on what is called a ‘push’ bike or ‘balance’ bike as soon as they can walk to get the feel of rolling and balancing.  In recent years small electric motorcycle like the Stacyc have become very popular and can also help encourage riding skills, balance and control in young riders.


What age should you start motocross?


Learning to ride a motorcycle can start as young as 3-4 years old but actual AMA competition classes start with 50cc and electric classes for ages 4-8.  65cc completion classes are for ages 7-9.


What is motocross?


Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle competition held outside on closed course circuits with jumps, large hills and other obstacles for the riders to negotiate.  Motocross tracks are usually in rural areas where there is room for a long and challenging layout than can be a mile in length or more. 


What is supercross?


Supercross evolved from Motocross in 1974 as a way to bring the sport to more people.  Supercross is held in professional sports stadiums across the USA  bringing fans an experience similar to other professional sports with unobstructed viewing of the entire track along with comfortable seating, bathrooms and concessions all close by and easy to access. Supercross is similar to Motocross but the track is much shorter with more jumps and turns since it is confined to the stadium floor.


What are family off-road adventures?


Family off-road adventures come in many forms.  They can be everything from a quick afternoon ride to a week long riding trip to a far off destination. 


How much does the AMA Supercross Champion win?


Prize money for winning an AMA Supercross main event is around $12,000 per race. The Series champion can earn several million dollars per year depending on the bonus arrangements they have with the motorcycle manufacturer they ride for and the kind of season they have. Many riders can receive a $1 million dollar bonus for winning the championship!  Top riders also supplement their income with a variety of additional sponsorships for gear, helmets, boots etc, with each of the brands also paying out bonuses for wins and championships. 


What is an enduro?


Enduro is a form of motorcycle sport run on extended cross-country, off-road courses.  Enduro consists of many different obstacles and challenges. The main type of enduro event, and the format to which the World Enduro Championship and the AMA Enduro Championships are run, is a time-card enduro, whereby a number of stages are raced in a time trial against the clock


What is the difference between enduro and trail?


An enduro is an organized competition event where a trail ride is non competitive and can be formal or informal in nature.  


What is an enduro bike?


An enduro bike is a type of motorcycle that is designed and prepared for riding in enduro competitions.  They are also used for trail riding and are commonly referred to as dual sport bikes these days.


How much is a good dirt bike?


The cost of a good dirt bike depends on your definition of good. Used dirt bikes can be found on a variety of web sites and a late model dirt bike in decent shape can be $3000-8000 depending on the model50

Who are the top 50 motocross racers of all-time?


Very subjective but the top two are definitely The GOAT and the Hurricane.  After that is all a matter of opinion. Below is a list of the top 50 motocross racers in our opinion.


  • Ricky Carmichael

  • Bob Hannah

  • Roger Decoster

  • Rick Johnson

  • Jeff Ward

  • James Stewart

  • Ryan Dungy

  • Ryan Villipoto

  • Jeff Stanton

  • Eli Tomas

  • Broc Glover

  • Gary Jones

  • Stefan Everts

  • Jeff Emig

  • Kent Howerton

  • Mark Barnett

  • David Bailey

  • Chad Reed

  • Ken Roczen

  • Danny LaPorte

  • Mike Kiedrowski

  • Torsten Hallmsn

  • Brad Lackey

  • Joel Robert

  • Mart Smith

  • Damon Bradshaw

  • Doug Henry

  • Mike LaRocco

  • Ron Lichen

  • Heiki Mikola

  • Jean Michel Bayle

  • Jeremy McGrath

  • Steve Larson

  • Kevin Windham

  • Tony DiStefano

  • Tony Cairoli

  • Travis Pastrana

  • Jimmy Weinert

  • Pierre Kansmakers

  • Jeffrey Herlings

  • Joel Smets

  • Grant Langston

  • Georges Jobe

  • Johnny O’Mara

  • Ben Townley

  • Danny Chandler

  • Sebastien Tortelli

  • Harry Everts

  • Andre Malherbe

  • Donny Schmidt


Who are the top 20 enduro riders of all-time?


Based on AMA Enduro Championships

1. Dick Burleson (8)

2. Mike Lafferty (8)

3. Bill Baird (7)

4. Randy Hawkins (7)

5. Russell Bobbitt (5)

6. Steward Baylor (5)

7. Terry Cunningham (4)

8. Ty Davis (2)

9. Grant Baylor (2)

10. Bill Kain (2)

*Tied for 11th place at 1 win each 

Lew Atkinson (1)

John Penton (1)

Jack McClain (1)

Ron Bohn (1)

Mike Melton (1) 

Kevin Hines (1) 

Jeff Russell (1)

Steve Hatch (1)

Charlie Mullins (1)

Andrew DeLong (1) 

Kailub Russell (1)


Who are the top 100 Supercross riders of all-time?


Based on AMA Supercross Series main event wins.

  1. Jeremy McGrath (72 wins)

  2. Eli Tomac (51)

  3. James Stewart (50)

  4. Ricky Carmichael (48)

  5. Chad Reed (44)

  6. Ryan Villopoto (41)

  7. Ryan Dungy (34)

  8. Rick Johnson (28)

  9. Bob Hannah (27)

  10. Ken Roczen (21)

  11. Cooper Webb (21)

  12. Jeff Ward (20)

  13. Damon Bradshaw (19)

  14. Kevin Windham (18)

  15. Jeff Stanton (17)

  16. Mark Barnett (17)

  17. Jean Michel Bayle (16)

  18. Jason Anderson (14)

  19. Ezra Lusk (12)

  20. David Bailey (12)

  21. Mike Bell (11)

  22. Marvin Musquin (10)

  23. Broc Glover (10)

  24. Mike LaRocco (10)

  25. Ron Lechien (8)

  26. Jimmy Ellis (8)

  27. Jeff Emig (7)

  28. David Vuillemin (7)

  29. Johnny O’mara (7)

  30. Chase Sexton (7)

  31. Justin Barcia (6)

  32. Davi Milsaps (5)

  33. Trey Canard (5)

  34. Mike Kiedrowski (5)

  35. Kent Howerton (5)

  36. Doug Henry (4)

  37. Darrel Shultz (4)

  38. Donnie Hansen (4)

  39. Jim Weinert (4)

  40. Larry Ward (3)

  41. Marty Smith (3)

  42. Tony DiStefano (2)

  43. Marty Tripes (2)

  44. Blake Baguette (1)

  45. Justin Brayton (1)

  46. Jaroslav Falta (1)

  47. Cole Seely (1)

  48. Zach Osborne (1)

  49. Mike Craig (1)

  50. Gaylon Mosier. (1)

  51. Andrew Short (1)

  52. Steve Wise (1)

  53. Jim Pomeroy (1)

  54. Chuck Sun (1)

  55. Josh Grant (1)

  56. Josh Hill (1)

  57. Rex Staten (1)

  58. Nathan Ramsey (1)

  59. Rick Ryan (1)

  60. John Dowd (1)

  61. Sebastien Tortelli (1)

  62. Jeff Matiasevich (1)

  63. Doug Dubach (1)

  64. Damon Huffman (1)

  65. Greg Albertyn (1)

  66. Pierre Karsmakers (1)

Who are the top 20 dirt bike desert racers of all-time?


This is more subjective but listed in no particular order 20 to the greatest desert racers of all-time include 


  • Kurt Caselli

  • Malcolm Smith

  • Whitey Martino

  • Scot Harden

  • Dan Smith

  • Johnny Campbell

  • Al Baker

  • AC Baaken

  • Dan Ashcraft

  • Larry Roessler

  • Destry Abbott

  • Mitch Mayes

  • Ty Davis

  • Danny Hamel

  • Jack Johnson

  • JN Roberts

  • Larry Bergquist

  • Paul Krause

  • Jimmy Lewis

  • Bruce Ogilvie

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