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Amazing Riding on the Western Slope of Colorado


GRAND JUNCTION, CO - July 28, 2023  Grand Valley Adventure, located in Grand Junction, CO, offers a dirt bike adventure for every level of off-road rider. From their learn to ride courses designed for those who have never been on a motorcycle before, to their advanced guided dirt bike tours for those who are extremely experienced, looking for the gnarliest trails, they’ve got something for everyone. Their tours, clinics, and all-inclusive vacations for men, women, families, and couples run 10 months out of the year, giving riders the ability to enhance their skills when other areas are closed for weather. Their terrain spans the Western Slope of Colorado in the High Desert offering desert roads, ridges, washes, rocks and rock ledges, and tight, technical single-track

Their guides, Ronnie and Ashley, are USMCA certified dirt bike coaches with decades of riding and teaching experience to help riders reach their potential. They are patient, knowledgeable, and are able to pin-point errors in body position and fundamentals. Their knowledge of the local trail systems is un-rivaled, allowing them to choose the perfect trails that will challenge each rider without pushing them into the deep end. 

They offer gear and dirt bike rentals with all of their guided tours or you can bring your own. Their bikes are meticulously maintained and run great. They also offer a wide range of bike sizes to accommodate all sizes and skill levels of riders. Their gear is clean and fresh and doesn’t smell like the last person who used it.  

Their reviews and customer testimonials speak to their professionalism and knowledge and prove their passion for sharing their love of two wheels 

“Ronnie and Ashley were awesome! They have everything dialed. I signed up for an intro 4-hour ride coming from a limited street riding background. They had nice gear that fit perfectly and a nice bike that fit just right. By the end of the day I felt much more comfortable and they built my skill set piece by piece expertly. They quickly identified the small things that made big improvements and are natural teachers. 10/10 would recommend!”

“They take care of everything and they are real, knowledgeable, experienced professionals and understand how and what to teach you. I learned so much. The knowledge, skills, and experience I acquired with Ashley and Ronnie of Grand Valley Adventure is beyond measurable. I’ve already used skills I learned riding dirt trails and swampy areas in Florida. Yes, I would book with them again.”

Their home base in Grand Junction in nestled in the Grand Valley of Colorado, 30 miles from the Utah border. The Colorado river flows through the Grand Valley and is surrounded by three stunning and unique mountain ranges; the Book Cliffs, the Grand Mesa, and the Colorado National Monument providing incredible views during each ride.  

Once you have completed your ride with Grand Valley Adventure there are tons of outdoor activities to help fuel your need for adventure. Imondi Wake Zone in Fruita, Colorado offers the Rocky Mountain region’s exclusive cable operated wake park and inflatable aqua park. Rimrock Adventures at the base of Monument offers guided river rafting and horseback adventures. You can also find hundreds of miles of mountain bikes and hiking trails within 30 miles of downtown Grand Junction. Or for a different type of adventure, grab a show or concert at the Las Colonias Amphitheatre or The Avalon Theatre. 

Looking to relax after your dirt bike adventure? There are incredible restaurants in the Grand Valley including Peche, Bin 707, and 626 on Rood. Dozens of wineries like Red Fox, Restoration Vineyards, and TWP Winery and Farm House. And plenty of local breweries, like Ramblebine, Trail Life, or Basecamp Beer Works. Each of these locations are locally owned and operated and give you a taste of the culture and agriculture in the area. 

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a well-rounded dirt bike adventure or guided tour, Grand Valley Adventure in Grand Junction, CO is your go-to. You will find they offer everything you need to have a safe, incredible dirt bike guided tour in stunning surroundings with the luxury and comforts of a beautiful town nearby. 

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