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The intent of this website is to attract more people to the sport of off-road, as we believe its an incredible activity. Although we try hard to be as unbiased as possible, we want to make you aware of financial ties that may influence your decisions (purchases or otherwise). After all, we want to be a trusted source of information so that you will tell others about our site.

MX & Off-Road Tours is a division of Off-Road Travel TV, LLC. which may receive money for products and services listed or featured on this news website. Owners of Off-Road Travel TV, LLC. may also have ownership in some of the companies shown on, advertised, and promoted on

The MX & Off-Road Tours Alliance is a network of off-road companies that cross promote each other and pay to advertise their various companies and grow the sport. This website maintains a list of MX & Off-Road Tour Alliance members so you know who are members and who are not.  

Websites can be very expensive to setup, operate and maintain, and we want to be very transparent that this news website does accept paid advertising. We may also receive money from sponsors and advertisers to support us buying advertising from third parties to drive more traffic to and

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